Monday, 22 February 2016

Trees Or Tarmac, Which Is Best For Our Kids?

        The battle to save North Kelvin Meadow, is one that we have got to win, this is a beautiful green public space within our city, a place used by kids and adults alike. A place where kids can safely run wild and have fun, a place where they can learn about nature, a healthy family space, open to the public to enjoy and nurture. We have very few of such places left in "that dear green place", Glasgow, one by one they have been disappearing under the concrete and tarmac of the private corporate world. We have to call a halt to this plunder of our public spaces by the corporate developer. Please throw your support behind this public campaign by signing the petition, and show solidarity in what ever way you can.

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*Update: *

        As many of you will know Glasgow City Council Planning Committee approved New City Vision (NCV) Ltd planning application to build 90 flats. They also approved The Children Wood Group planning application to keep the land as a wild greenspace and for the community. Our emphasis has now changed. Its now all about lobby the Scottish Government so as they do what they said they would consider back in 2013 and "call in" the NCV Ltd application and throw it out.
        Therefore please sign the petition below and if possible try to get 5 others you know to as well. If you can visit any MSPs at their surgeries that would be even better. Our local MSP Sandra White is key to us in getting this called in - so feel free to contact or visit her. Plus paper petitions can also be created and signed if that is easier.


        Help us to persuade the Scottish Government to ‘call in’ and reject the plans to build 90 residences on North Kelvin Meadow and The Children’s Wood by signing our petition:

     *Thunderclap *(a modern way to get noticed outside your usual group!)

        If your on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr then click on link below so we all put out a one off message at the same time i.e. a thunderclap, and so get the petition noticed and hopefully a few more signatories. The message goes out on 29th February at 10am so obviously you need you to register before then.
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