Sunday, 14 February 2016

Capitalism Has No Human Side.

        During this recent "refugee crisis", in Europe, (it should really be named a "Western imperialist war crisis"), Germany is seen as the good mother hen, welcoming more refugees than other countries, it would have us believe it is showing the human face of the capitalist system. However, Germany needs lots of young workers, as it is facing a fast shrinking working age population. According to recent statistics, Berlin estimates its working age population will shrink by 6 million people by 2030 as the number of deaths outstrips births, making it hard to keep the economy growing.
 Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel speaking recently in the German parliament:
"If we manage to quickly train those that come to us and to get them into work, then we will solve one of our biggest problems for the economic future of our country: the skills shortage,"
        So, not so much humanitarian as economics of the corporate world. Germany is set to spend $10 billion on the refugee situation in Germany, but more or less refuses to spend on helping the "refugee crisis" that is swamping Greece. No, the refugees have to make the miserable and dangerous journey across Europe on their own, with cases of young and old dying in the process. Not so much the face of humanity in that situation.
      Another incident that shows the true face of the German state, is how it treats those of its own citizenship that choose to live their lives different from the desired government state of subservience, those who choose not to be hypnotised by consumerism.

This from Act For Freedom Now:

      Following an attack of a police officer nearby, a 500-strong anti-riot team backed up by special forces, dogs and helicopters stormed into the so-called “occupied house” at 94, Rigaer Strasse (or “R94”) on Wednesday night. Police raided the two houses next door the following day and kept up a heavy stop-and-search presence till now.
      Taking place at one of Berlin’s best-known anarchist project, the raid has sent shockwaves through the city, sparking a heated debate on whether it was a case of necessary public safety or unlawful police overreach. For the police and their defenders, the raid was an inevitable consequence of continuing disorder and antagonism coming from the squat. For their critics, the assault on the officer was an excuse used by the police to launch an only quasi-lawful attack on people who they disliked.
       The incident nonetheless has more resonance than as a local street battle alone. While they’ve been in retreat for years, Berlin’s squats were long a high-profile part of the city’s fabric, forming a cornerstone of the city’s alternative mythos. The raid on Rigaer 94 suggests that the city’s authorities are no longer prepared to to let their pigs eat stones in this area, as it happened many times.
        Berlin police say that the four assailants that attacked their colleague were seen escaping into Rigaer 94. When backup officers arrived and entered the building, they found the courtyard and basement massed with potential weapons including metal rods, fire extinguishers, gas cylinders, and a shopping cart filled with cobblestones—a horde they immediately shared via photographs on Twitter. In the interests of public safety, the police returned in greater numbers five hours later, clearing the building and making arrests of supporters outside.
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