Monday, 8 February 2016

Again, Solidarity Wins The Day.

        On Saturday the 6th. of February, the good people of Dublin kicked the arse of the fascists hoping to hold a march and rally in the fair city's streets. Best to kick their arse before they get a chance to kick yours,
  Published on 6 Feb 2016
On February 6th 2016, an anti-racist demonstration faced up to PEGIDA in Dublin and won.
PEGIDA’s much-publicised event was called off at the last moment. Our photographer caught up with their supporters on Abbey Street as they left. Meanwhile at their appointed venue by Dublin’s General Post Office hundreds of anti-racist demonstrators from every aspect of Ireland’s diverse society gathered in a collective show of solidarity.
       A group of about 15 East European fascists on Cathedral St. were spotted looking for protection from the (Irish Police) Gardai, in the process of a street crime arrest. They declared they were there to counter “illegal Communism” before getting aggressive with our photographers. At this point, a large crowd from the counter demo arrived. The fash realised the game was up and legged it down Talbot St, some made it around to Marlborough St. and escape, some sought refuge in EuroWorld, presumably to buy some out of date toothpaste.
        The Public Order Unit (police) arrived with their dogs, reminiscent of Rossport, swinging batons wildly, not giving a shit who they hit, journalists included. The Gardai cordoned off Talbot St, protecting the fascists from the growing crowd from the counter demo.
      Word got around that four of the fascists were in hiding in Brannigan’s pub, a Gardai cordon was placed around the pub for their protection, they were escorted out, handcuffed an hour later.

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