Monday, 8 February 2016

Let's Roar.


        Today approximately 1% of the world's population hold roughly 50% of the world's wealth and their share is growing, while the other 99% have to make do with a 50% that is ever shrinking. However, the total 100% of the world's wealth is not created by that 1%, it is all created by the 99% that see their share flow steadily up towards that 1%. Unjust, insane, unsustainable and totally unnecessary.

         As an individual the situation seems impossible to change, how can you are I make a difference, how can we as individuals take on the czars of the corporate world, and hope to win? The answer is we can't, not as individuals, we have to realise that we are in a class war, and the other side is well organised and show solidarity within their class. We have to do the same, organised solidarity, our only real weapon is our solidarity with each other. We have to link up in solidarity within our work places and across our work places, come together in solidarity in our communities and across our communities, we have to link hands in solidarity across those imaginary lines drawn by power mongers on the planet's surface, called borders, whose only purpose is to divide us into opposing camps, for the benefit of that 1%.
        It is only by the combined and unified will of all our people, that we can brake the chains of this dehumanising, degrading and greed drive system, that is responsible for racism, wars, poverty, and the destruction of our planet.


The problem's too big
the perpetrators unknown
you can't beat the system
all on your own.
So it's easy to withdraw
find your own little cage
turn a blind eye to the suffering
stifle your rage,
but the greed goes on
the poverty's still there,
you can't just leave it
for your children to bear.
Others feel as you do,
eager to put things right
but locked in isolation
it's a hopeless fight,
so don't sit in silence
behind a closed door,
your voice can help raise
a whisper to a roar.
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  1. United we win, divided we fall. Solidarity is our most precious weapon.