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      Not the type of comment we got from that babbling brook of bullshit known as the media, while they were supposed to be reporting the violence during that period in the 90's. The inscription makes you wonder, who wrote it, and why was he there, up in sniper's tower, how did he see the struggle that was being written in blood, what were his hopes and dreams up there at that time? When was it written, before, during or after the violence?
A recent comment on Reddit:

Hi there!
This last summer I went to the Balkans for a couple of weeks. While there, being in Mostar (Bosnia i Herzegovina), I found this text written on a wall of the so called "Sniper's tower".

The text reads:
Oppressed people have begged, prayed, petitioned, demonstrated and everything else to change the global power structure which is strengthening up the strong ones and taking away the power from the already poor people. All these efforts have been answered by more repression, deceit and hypocrite vicious police. tear-gas, water cannons, restrictive border control; familiar sights of the new world order. We have got to find new ways how to break these structures otherwise this phenomenon of oppression will repeat itself again+again. Build up your own opinion, don't let yourself be led by national, supranational or any kind of leaders.
It got me thinking, to be honest. After all, Bosnia has recently (90s) seen quite a bit of war and I guess that these kind of situations trigger quite radical viewpoints. We're seeing how, for example in Europe, the economic crisis is leading to the "empowerment" of what used to be radical parties (by radical I understand those that preach for something utterly different of what we have now), be it right or left-wing.
So, what all this was about, do you think that more people will start to realize how oppressive capitalism really is and look up for "isms" like anarchism? This situation is really hard on many people but I think that if, after all this, we can set up a completely free society, it will be worth it.
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