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        America is probably the state that shouts loudest about freedom and democracy, it is also the most militarily aggressive state in the world. As far as the latter part of the 20th and 21s century goes, it heads the leader-board for shear destructive bombardment, the list of countries bombed by America since the end of the second world war, can only be seen as a charge sheet of some sort of psychopath.
Afghanistan 1998, 2001-
Bosnia 1994, 1995
Cambodia 1969-70
China 1945-46, 1950-53
Congo 1964
Cuba 1959-1961
El Salvador 1980s
Korea 1950-53
Guatemala 1954, 1960, 1967-69
Indonesia 1958
Laos 1964-73
Grenada 1983
Iraq 1991-2000s
Iran 1987
Kuwait 1991
Lebanon 1983, 1984
Libya 1986, 2011
Nicaragua 1980s
Pakistan 2003, 2006-
Palestine 2010
Panama 1989
Peru 1965
Somalia 1993, 2007-08, 2010-
Sudan 1998
Vietnam 1961-73
Yemen 2002, 2009-
Yugoslavia 1999
    Note that these countries represent roughly one-third of the people on earth. This list does not included the recent drone attacks on Pakistan and other areas.
       On top of the dubious accolade of having bombed approximately one third of the earth's population, beyond its own borders, it wears what can only be seen as the badge of a tyrant and a brutal dictatorship, Guantanamo Bay Camp. No matter how you dress the language, no matter how you shape the description, no matter the legal terminology you dress it in, Guantanamo Bay breaks every moral, ethical and legal code, it breaks all laws of decency and justice, it stands as a citadel to tyranny. Despite the Pope of Hope, the Prince of Peace, Obama's promise in 2008, to close this symbol of lawlessness, today it still stands and functions in the name tyranny. 
A poem written by one of the many unfortunate human beings to be destroyed at Guantanamo Bay.

Death Poem

by Jumah al Dossari (mp3)
Take my blood.
Take my death shroud and
The remnants of my body.
Take photographs of my corpse at the grave, lonely.
Send them to the world,
To the judges and
To the people of conscience,
Send them to the principled men and the fair-minded.
And let them bear the guilty burden before the world,
Of this innocent soul.
Let them bear the burden before their children and before history,
Of this wasted, sinless soul,
Of this soul which has suffered at the hands of the “protectors of peace.”
Jumah al Dossari is a thirty-three-year-old Bahraini who has been in solitary confinement at Guantanamo Bay since the end of 2003 and, according to the U.S. military, has tried to kill himself twelve times while in custody.

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