Friday, 25 January 2013


      We have 24 hour news coverage and are assaulted with an avalanche of bullshit and trivia. We have a long winded out pouring from a sick parasite from the parasitic family of Windsors informing us he killed Taliban, all in a matter of fact, all in a day's work attitude. Then we have massive coverage of celebrities sexual exploits, people making snowmen, while other tell us how dreadful it is when it snows and upsets their routine. However you will have to search hard to find anything about the people in Europe in struggle and direct action to protect themselves against this ongoing vicious attack by the financial Mafia. You get statistics about the soaring unemployment among the young and pie-in-the-sky plans to end hunger forever. But where is the coverage of struggles taking place on a daily basis?
      We were informed that the unemployment rate among the young in Spain had passed the 55% mark, but it appears that all is quiet in that country, the people are just going quietly about their business, waiting for the promised growth. It would be a surer bet to wait for the promise land.
     In Greece the overall unemployment rate is now above 26%, homeless is stratospheric, suicides are rocketing, health problems, physical and mental, are going of the radar, while the Greek government becomes more openly fascist by the day, where is the coverage? Our media is indeed, a babbling brook of bullshit.
      In the afternoon of January 24, the Greek government via the ministry of transport ordered the civil conscription (i.e. the forced return to work) of the workers at the Athens Metro, who had been on strike for the past eight days. In response, the workers in all other mass transportation mediums in the city (buses, metro green line and tram) have also joined or extended their strikes. The workers at the Athens metro are calling all those in solidarity to gather at the main metro depot in Sepolia (by Kifissos Ave).
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