Wednesday, 9 January 2013


       In 2008 we had the so called financial crash, here we are in 2013 and the November unemployment figures for the Eurozone hit a new all time high at 11.8%, youth unemployment at 14.4%, while for the whole of the European Union it is 10.7%, and youth unemployment is 23.7%. This translates into more than 26 million people unemployed across the EU. struggling to survive, not that those in work are doing that much better. According to the BBC's World Service Economic correspondent, Andrew Walker, “---- The general trend however remains upwards and it makes it even harder for the governments concerned to collect the taxes they need to stabilise their debts”
    These figures are modest by the figures in some individual European countries, Spain leading the charge with 26.6% and Greece following with 20%. The misery heaped on the young of these two countries alone, is an indictment of the capitalist system. Greece has the worst unemployment amongst the young with 57% and Spain next with 56.5% . More than half of the young population of both these countries mired in poverty and their entire life potential being stunted. That's the system we are expected to embrace.
      Of course unemployment is not an accident, it is not unavoidable, it is the direct result of government policies as they follow the instructions of the financial Mafia. Unemployment is the ugly side of that polite phrase, “structural reform” unemployment is the criminal reality of the innocent sounding “austerity cuts”. Both these phrases come together as the cornerstone of the Western corporate world's drive to become “more competitive.”, another innocent sounding phrase with a dire reality. It in fact means, lower wages, unregulated labour and a pool of unemployment. In other words, a European-wide sweatshop economy to compete with the sweatshops of the East.
                                      These are hard times.
        Here in the UK, under the direction of the ConDem coalition of pampered parasites, 2013 will be the year that all that talking of “austerity cuts”, starts to impact with a vengeance on the lives of most of us ordinary people. It will be the year that people will begin to realise that cuts are usually followed by bleeding. Our cuts are severe, expect severe bleeding. Meanwhile our millionaire lords and masters, living the pampered life of useless parasites, will attempt to shed a theatrical tear as they tell us how hard things are and how we will all have to do “our bit” and “we are all in this together”. They will then retreat to their mansions and prepare for a break in their Bermuda holiday home. They call it capitalism, don't you feel like a sucker?

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