Wednesday, 2 January 2013


      To those of us who sometimes wonder why America is the undisputed leader in mass killings by individuals, the article "Newtown Indian Massacre" on Anarchist News, comes up with a plausible line of thought.

        How do we know this? Because among hundreds of other tragic events going back to its origins, this country was founded on a two century long wave of massive institutionalized gun violence, the merciless annihilation of Native Americans who, because they resisted the imposition of the market and private property, were destroyed in a holocaust of unprecedented proportions. We question how the German people could accept the destruction of the Jewish people, but never ask the same question of 19th century Americans. Largely, Americans believed that they were doing God’s work. Manifest destiny is the destiny of money ordained by the spirit of Puritanism, and pity those who stood in the way. When it came to expansion, God led the Cavalry charge.
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