Monday, 21 January 2013


     So the Spirit of Revolt's first exhibition came to an end on Saturday afternoon, and to all those involved it proved to be a demanding and exiting event. I think we can all say with confidence it also proved to be a very successful and rewarding experience. The flow of visitors interested in asking questions and offering praise was extremely pleasing to all those involved. I think it proves that the people of Glasgow recognised this as their own history and wanted to know more, as well as seeing it recorded and made accessible. A special thanks to the Mitchell Library staff for their support throughout the event.
     Here are just some of the comments, (there are more on the same vein, none on a negative note or critical.) left by visitors:

"This is the best exhibition I've seen in this space. More please! Well done to all involved."
"Loads of informative, inspiring and funny stuff - It's good seeing the creative output of Glasgow's radicals."
"Great stuff. Thanks for putting this together and getting it displayed."
"Very interesting exhibition, cleverly presented. Would love to see more from you."
"Excellent, thanks for holding it."
"Great work, need a bigger exhibition!!!"
"Enjoyed it, more on John MacLean."
"Fantastic! Good to know that a people's history gets a voice in Glasgow!"
"Very interesting - fantastic to see this stuff in public view!"
"Brilliant, we need more exhibitions like this showing Glasgow's REAL history."
     There are many more comments all in the same vein, but two that more than pleased me were the two from visitors from the other side of the world, Columbia, 
"Thanks for this exhibition and also for keeping the archive. This is crucial work and it is exciting to see that the materials are being preserved, made accessible and disseminated in the same spirit that produced them."
"Amazing view of a hundred years of resistance! It is great to see clarity, cleverness and sense of humour that keeps rising amongst the radicals."
    There you have it, a few of the reactions from the general public to a display of their own history -- interest, appreciation and a thirst for more.

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