Friday, 18 January 2013


        The Kremlin in  George Square are at it again, touching their forelock to the corporate world. Not content with having taken the city's historic George Square and turned half of it into rentable red tarmac to raise money, and allow the corporate world to tout their wares in what should be a pleasant place for the citizens and tourist to sit, chat, have lunch or meander and mingle. They now are intent on spending £15 million on changing the whole square into a suitable venue for more corporate events in the hope of raising more money. The Square belongs to the people, it is a spot in the heart of the city where we can, (should be able to) relax and meet-up with friends and family. It should never be a another corporate space, another money spinner for the corporate world. As far as I am aware, the Square is actually registered as a public park and as such should remain a place for the people of Glasgow and visitors to enjoy. Only the people of Glasgow can stop this rape of our city, only we can take back what is rightfully ours before it becomes another one of those things that we look back at with that nostalgic look in our eye.

         Citizens in Glasgow are up in arms over a council proposal to transform historic George Square, into a corporate “retail-led” space with crass “public art”. Many rightly see it is an attempt to drive the political and social life of the city out of this important square.
George Square has been the centre of struggle in the city from the 1919 uprising to demonstrations against the poll tax and Trident. Most recently, it was the site for the Occupy movement’s actions in Glasgow.
Without any consultation, the Labour-controlled council has unveiled six options, each more corporate than the one before, in a £15 million project, most of which will be borrowed against future business rates income.
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