Tuesday, 8 January 2013


      It is becoming obvious that there will be no peace in Greece until the present system collapses and is replaced by something nearer the people's desires. The poverty is too painful, the suffering too severe, the wounds too deep, to let it all go and drift back to the facade that was called normality. The people have seen through the illusion, have seen through the smoke and mirrors, have come face to face with the brutal reality of the capitalist system, and it is too grotesque to allow it to continue.
     The following article from The Greek Streets, gives another example of how the state will always find money to spend on repression, even, for example, as the people run out of medication for serious illnesses. How should the people react when the state can find, approximately €16.5 million, for police equipment while the elderly and the sick are allowed to slowly die from lack of care and treatment?
Authority sets its priorities straight (it always did) Amidst a full-out operation aimed at the economic impoverishment of the poorest segments of greek society, amidst the complete draining of funds toward anything that we may have previously known to comprise a minimum protection for the popular strata (healthcare and treatment, pensions etc), authority now comes to shamelessly and provocatively show even to the most superficial of observers what its priority and its strategy is.
     What could it be that the impoverished Greek society of 2013 needs? Why of course, 499 new police patrol cars and 217 motorbikes for the scoundrels of Dias and Delta. And so, in early December 2012 the call-out was made for car importers to bid for their supply, with a budget of 16.445.000 euros. So, the money exists…
The repressed must set their priorities straight.
On January 6 and 7 we attacked the official importers of…
* Citroen, on Amfitheas Str
* Hyundai, on Acharnon Str
* Volvo, on Vouliagmenis Ave
* Daihatsu and Fiat, on Tsaldari Str in Polygono
* Honda, on Alexandras Ave…
…companies, that is, that are nevertheless targeted by the revolted – since the automobile industry comprises one of the driving forces of capitalist production and economy.
In addition, this is a warning message to all car importers who will take part in the bidding called by the Greek Police, contributing in this way to economic impoverishment but also to the intensification of repression and policing.
We promise, and you’d better believe this, that whoever “wins” the bidding will face a targeted and constant barrage of attacks.
P.S. Our thoughts are with the comrade Panagiotis Argyrou [2]

[1] A reference to the infamous pre-electoral quote by ex-PM Papandreou before taking power and implementing severe cuts.
[2] Latest news on the health of Panagiotis Argyrou at contrainfo

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