Saturday, 26 January 2013


     There seems to be a refreshing change taking place across the Middle East. More and more we are seeing larger organised anarchist groups coming to the fore in demonstrations. It makes a pleasant move away from the predominantly religious factions that seem to have dominated the Western media's much loved "Arab Spring". Who knows the spark that starts the fire, once the genie of protest is out, it is almost impossible to get it back into the bottle.
       This from Vast Minority:

       AN EGYPTIAN anarchist movement has emerged on the streets with a wave of firebombings and street fights. The new wave of revolt is also sweeping through other Arab countries, with anarchist groups in Tunisia, Morocco, Syria and elsewhere.
       Anarchists have been present in Egypt before, during, and after the revolution, but until today, they have yet to organize a mass grouping under the banner of anarchism, explains blogger Ryan Harvey.
      The Ultras of Egypt’s football clubs have for years been associated with anarchist ideas and actions, and they are widely credited with having initiated the level militancy that brought down the Mubarak government in February of 2011.
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