Sunday, 13 January 2013


        It would appear that our lords and masters, the millionaire cabal, can't do without a war somewhere. There's talk of UK troops coming out of Afghanistan after 12 years of pointless killing and destruction, and now our pampered and privileged millionaire Prime Minister has announced that, despite our need for austerity, we will be sending aircraft to support the French military, who are fighting in Mali. For many years Mali was the centre of a large empire, controlling trade routes for gold, salt and among other things, slaves. In the West's greed for empire and riches the French grabbed that part of the world and called it their own. After breaking free from the French imperialists the people of Mali have struggled to sort out their country and there have been several massive peaceful demonstrations over the years, that have been brutally put down. Mali is mainly flat and mostly dust covered, so why are the French in there with their fire power, and now the UK?  Could it be because Mali faces several environmental challenges such as desertification, soil erosion, deforestation and shortage of water? Is it simply the Western governments love of the people of Africa coming to the fore? Perhaps this is the West showing its benevolence in its desire to see the people of Mali live the good life? Or, heaven forbid, there might be another motive other than love and affection!! Could it possibly be anything to do with the fact that Mali has considerable natural resources, such as gold, uranium, phosphates, kaolinite, salt and limestone, being the most widely exploited. 
     This is corporate capitalism at work doing its usual thing. Where there are resources the corporate West will take them with the backing of the military might of their puppets, the Western governments, with no thought for the people of that particular area. We have screwed the people of Africa for centuries and it will continue until we get rid of the system that is based on greed, and profit for the few at the expense of the many. Mali is just one little bit of their destructive and plundering activities that are killing people and destroying the planet.

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