Wednesday, 9 January 2013


      Greek state comes down hard on anarchists in Athens. After the eviction of a 25 year squat in Athens, it was briefly re-occupied this morning, and then re-evicted. This was followed by the arrest of over 150 anarchist. Like I always say, when the state feels threatened, it becomes a bare-knuckle fight, the niceties of party political mud sling soon disappear and the rubber bullets, water cannon, batons and all the paraphernalia of repression come into full view. This from The Greek Streets:

Villa Amalias re-squatted and re-evicted; largest number of anarchists detained in a single day in 15 years; updates

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UPDATE, 19.45 pm Another three anarchists have been detained at the corner of Patision and Alexandras ave, bringing today’s total up to 152.
UPDATE, 19.20 pm At least 1,500 people have gathered outside the Police HQ in solidarity with those arrested throughout the day.
UPDATE, 17.55 pm Earlier on, anarchists held a spontaneous demo outside the Ministry of Finance as PM Samaras held a press conference inside, in response to the Villa Amalias raid.
UPDATE, 17.50 pm More than 1,000 people inside the Polytechnic for tonight’s assembly. Meanwhile, a police water cannon has been spotted outside the police HQ on Alexandras avenue. The other two central universities in Athens, the School of Economics and the Law school, have been shut following orders by their administrations.
UPDATE, 17.35 pm The 40 anarchists detained earlier on inside the Democratic Left party HQ have all been released.
UPDATE, 17.15 pm News from inside the Polytechnic: the assembly location has changed, from Gini to the Max auditorium. Outside, riot police squads are stationed on most side streets off Stournari street and around the entire campus.
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