Wednesday, 23 January 2013


      It is that time again, Davos, The World Economic Forum, a gathering of the main corporate Mafia members and their minders. This is where and when the corporate Mafia sit down and tell their minders, the national governments, how they want things to be done, how they want things to be structured to enhance their wealth and power and to protect these from any poisonous ideas about benefiting the people.
      It is no small party, there are some 2655 individuals on the official list, among them there will be billionaires and royalty, though I don't think there will be anybody from your street. Since this is all about the corporate mafia structuring the world to suit big business, they will form the largest group, 65% from the corporate world, while 25% of the total attendees will be made up of CEO. Others will be public officials just over 18% and those learned men from academia accounting for almost 7%. Sorry, nobody from your community centre. It may be the World Economic Forum, but according to them, you ain't in it.
     With people like our millionaire Osborne and his Bullingdon Club chum Boris Johnson in attendance, don't expect anything in your favour to come out of this lavish nosh-up. There is another name in attendance, that makes your blood creep, though he will be at home in that company, our very own home grown messianic Tony Blair. He certainly carved a very lucrative patch for himself. I suppose it's his reward for faithfully serving the corporate Mafia, through other people's blood, sweat and tears.
      This gathering is where government policies are sorted out, this is where the direction governments take will be laid down. Forget all this nonsense about elections and party manifestos, they are just the smoke and mirrors of the system. Decisions on your life are taken on high, in the rarefied atmosphere of the marble halls of power. The "representative democracy" is the charade that is there to keep the public feeling they are involved. The corporate world lays down its agenda, governments comply, that's corporate capitalism.

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