Tuesday, 1 January 2013


       Well the greed, gluttony, over consumption, festival of massive waste is all but over, for the time being. However this is capitalism and over consumption is the name of the game. Even although the illusion that this is happiness is soon dulled by the weight of debt left behind, it seems to repeat itself again and again. This system creates a world of obscene contrasts. Where we have this multitude gorging on all things material, we have millions dying of starvation, where we have millions titillating phony material desires created by advertising propaganda, on the other side of the coin we have millions desperately seeking material things simply for their survival. Surely even an idiot can see that there is something wrong with the system.
Thoughts on Christmas, and the Battle Between Materialism and Anti Materialism within Consumption Culture.
       The circus has once again come to town, hundreds upon hundreds upon thousands upon millions of feet are marching up and down streets all over the country (indeed all of the world) on a multitude of separate quests- chasing something, a dream, an image, an impossible reality sold to each and every one of us on our t.v’s, on billboards and in magazines. Like the children of Hamelin running blissfully towards their unhappy [1]ending all of us march glazed eyed and dozy footed through rows of lights and tinsel, eyes shining towards that unattainable moment, that glorious realization that can never quite be reached; because each time we get close to reaching material satisfaction, the advertiser, the store owner, the profiteer, our peers, and even ourselves snatch it away and raise the bar a little higher.
     Yet doggedly we keep on, believing somewhere somehow perhaps that in material we will find salvation, that among the cess pit of new toys, lingerie, and Christmas fucking pudding we might find something that will bring daylight streaming into the underside of the hill[2]- but we won’t. Shopping, the quest for material enlightenment is like masturbation without the orgasm[3]. Yet, when Christmas is done and put away and we go back to working overtime at our nine to fives to pay back the money we owe to loan sharks and credit card companies; we will if nothing else have once again achieved one giant cum stain of waste, broken toys, and half eaten food in the landfill of post consumer commodities.
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