Friday, 18 January 2013


       With the Golden Dawn fascists, backed up by the police, making daily attacks on immigrants, or even those who "don't look Greek", the continual physical confrontation between anti-fascists and the Golden Dawn fascists, the latter usually rescued or protected by the police, recent mass arrests of anarchists, and the eviction of long standing squats makes it clear that in Greece, the political struggle has moved from a battle to control the ballot boxes to a battle to control the streets. As the state loses the propaganda battle of keeping the public quiet and subservient, it will move to the more forceful method of control, brute force and repression. This can be a tipping point, who controls the streets, controls the country, the state is well aware of this fact and will pull out all the stops to gain and keep control of those streets. It is what we all face as we increase our resistance to the onslaught of brutal austerity measures. Here in the UK as well as the rest of Europe we are entering the era of bare-knuckle capitalism, as they will not give up on their plans to siphon all public assets into the private corporate world. The will fight their corner hard and viciously, we have no alternative but to fight back with more force than they hit us or capitulate, the choice is ours.
This from Contra Info:
        In the evening of January 15th, 2013 antifascists confronted a Nazi group of the Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn party in the city of Heraklion, on Crete.
     Approximately 30 fascists were passing out their texts for the second time on one of the city’s avenues. A group of nearly 60 antifascists attacked the Nazis, who wore helmets and carried sticks with the national flag. The Nazis ran away in fear, after a five minute’s clash. Only when fascists retreated did two anti-riot squadrons intervene and try to chase off the counter-protesters (as usual, cops and fascists had coordinated themselves well beforehand). After the crackdown of the police that used tear gas and stun grenades, the dastardly Nazis began to throw stones at the comrades from a distance and urged cops to pursue the antifascists.
      More than five Nazis were wounded and needed stitches, while they received concussions and had broken limbs, too. At the same time, three antifascists got injured from the stones and needed stitches. Both Nazis and counter-protesters ended up in the same hospital which was on duty, where two anti-riot squadrons made their presence again, in order to safeguard the Golden Dawn members. While solidarians waited for the injured antifascists to leave the hospital, they slashed the tires of four cars belonging to Nazis outside.
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