Thursday, 24 January 2013


         I never forget the our class enemies are organised globally, they know no borders, they dish out their repression on a world wide scale. They see borders as a means of controlling us, the ordinary people, in their plans and actions, borders don't exist. Our struggle will fail unless we also organise globally, unless we stop recognising borders, unless we act in solidarity world wide. The corporate beast and their minders, the various states, will always encourage us to see divisions in our class, differences between us, as groups and individuals. Most of these divisions and differences are manufactured, or illusionary, there is more that links us than divides us. 
       It is now blatantly obvious to most people, or should be, that national party politics is a charade, a game of musical chairs, where we get an opportunity to put a new suit in some symbolic building, "Downing Street", "The White House" etc. while the corporate fascists carry on as before. From this smoke and mirrors pantomime, we get a new smiling face that spouts empty phrases, they get to continue to rape and pillage the earth and repress all its people, in the quest for personal profit with power and wealth for the few.
     We have to think and act globally, we have to stop playing by the rules they hand us, we must set the agenda, the pace, the direction of our actions. Just as you would call for solidarity in a dispute with a local employer, now we have to call for solidarity with a global employer, the corporate fascist beast, that is running rampant across our world. It is a corporate world, or it is a people's world, the choice is ours.
      Our comrades are still imprisoned across the world. Many of our self-organized spaces are being raided or evicted, our infrastructure is under siege, and our counter-information media are censored or hindered. Whenever we express our ideas in public, uniformed robocops are lurking everywhere. Surveillance machinery follows every single move we make, while the State counts on the support of an armed fascist mob… But our existential fight is more than defence of solid spaces.
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