Thursday, 17 January 2013


        I suppose you still remember those ConDem millionaires spouting how they would protect the NHS? Well they are working hard at making sure it becomes International Health Services, PLC. The big corporate greed merchants are all lined up waiting for that little extra perk from their millionaire friends in the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, they want tax relief for companies buying up the NHS. They believe that we the public should pay for the privilege of letting the blood sucking corporate beast make millions from our sick and elderly. Recently Paul Polman, chief executive Officer of Unilever, the world's third-largest consumer goods company, stated,“The structural changes that need to be made for society still haven’t been made," he says. "There has been a growing realisation that our present model of growth, while it has served us well for a long time, certainly has enormous shortcomings which are increasingly transparent." “Individuals need to get used to lower pensions and welfare payments.(my emphases added) Government needs to get used to lower spending levels, businesses need to get used to the costs that come with it and bear their part. Everybody has to chip in. People are realising in the West that our model is not a sustainable model.”
      I love that bit, "Everybody has to chip in", we, the public, take a massive cut in our living standards, see our pensions evaporate like early morning mist in the sun, stand idly by as our social services become a commodity to be purchased from Fatcat Incorporated, buy our health care from FastBuck Ltd. then send our elderly to LastChanceSaloon, PLC. This is their idea of how to encourage growth, growth for who? Well it is obvious that the only growth to come from such a blood sucking idea will be in the bank accounts of the parasite shareholders, bank accounts that will no doubt be shuffled off to some sunny little tax haven. 
     This is the millionaire ConDem way of protecting our NHS, making sure it becomes the biggest money spinner their millionaire corporate friends have seen in their lifetime. The biggest rip-off they have managed to engineer in generations. All the health care you could possibly wish for at a price and if you can't manage the price, well see some back street shady practitioner who'll do it on the cheap for you. It's market forces in health, just as you can by cheap shoes or expensive shoes, so you will be able to buy cheap health care or if you're lucky the better article, expensive health care.  

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