Wednesday, 30 January 2013


     Most states come down hard on any opposition, some more than others. Anarchists seem to come in for the worst of that state violence. At the moment in Greece the state is coming down hard on any anarchist groups it can lay its hands on. They face brutal treatment at the hands of the police and a prison sentence on some charge or other. However in Egypt it seems that it is somewhat different, with the The Islamist party of the Jihad Organization and Jama'a al-Islamiya calling for the Black Bloc to be killed. According to the Egyptian Independent it has been stated, “God orders us to kill, crucify or cut off the hands and feet of those who spread mischief on earth,” said Jama'a al-Islamiya Mufti Abdel Akhar Hammad, citing a verse from the Quran. “The president must give that order.”. In the same article it says, Mohamed Samra of the Jihad Organization said that the Black Bloc group is financed from abroad and must be killed, and that the National Salvation Front members must be arrested and charged with incitement to riot. 
     Is this democracy at work in Egypt, is this what the people of Egypt took to the streets for, in their millions? Is this the flower of the Arab Spring? Party politics, religion and the state, is a mix from which freedom and democracy can never grow, it is a poisonous cocktail that, if the people accept it, always ends in tyranny, control and repression. We can call on centuries of history to verify this pattern, we have a world of practical ongoing evidence to back this up, it is there before our eyes on a daily basis.
     The only hope for the people of this world to have what is rightfully ours, freedom and justice, is for the trilogy of tyranny, the state, party politics and religion, to be irrevocably eradicated. A world of communities organised by those who live in those communities, in federation with other communities. A world of self determination, co-operation and mutual aid is possible, and will see an end to the bloodshed and misery that unnecessarily floods our world at present.

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