Friday, 11 January 2013


      While our millionaire parasites that go by the name of MP's, continually wring their hands and tell us things are so bad that we have to tighten our belts and accept all this misery and austerity, they don't seem to think the same about themselves. It seems that our “Honourable Gentlemen” have suggested to the Commons expenses watchdog that they should have a 32% salary increase. In a recent survey our humble MP's suggested that they deserved a salary of £86,250, and though they have worked hard at getting rid of final salary pensions for all and sundry across the land, they feel that it should be retained for them. That's what you call “serving the people”. 
 I'm worth it, I'm an MP.
       The survey also shows that 69% thought that MP's were underpaid, what's your thoughts on that one? The varying amounts that they thought that they should be paid changed according to party, with the Tories coming in with the biggest ego, believing that their salary should be £96,740. One fifth of those in the survey thought that they should be paid £95,000 or more. This is the thoughts that are running through the heads of that bunch of millionaire playboys that are sitting and without any blushes or shame forcing legislation on the rest of us that drive us deeper and deeper into poverty. Perhaps the term “Honourable Gentlemen” should be dropped from the Westminster House of Corruption and Hypocrisy and be replaced with “two-faced lying bastards”. Or do you think I'm being too harsh on the poor souls?

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