Sunday, 13 January 2013


       In Greece the authoritarian fascist government, now firmly in the hands of the financial Mafia and vigorously pursuing their policies, is coming down hard on any space that appears to a free and autonomous centre, anything that looks like the people can organise themselves, has to be destroyed. Anywhere that might stimulate resistance has to be totally repressed. Resistance to their policies can't be allowed to grow, bare-knuckle corporate fascism is in full swing in Greece.  Recently, squats,  some of them many years in serving their community, have been forcibly evicted and scores of anarchists arrested. However, resistance is growing and on Saturday 13th., 10,000 took to the streets in solidarity with those arrested and calling for the re-occupation of the squats.     
      In country after country across Europe and else where, as austerity is more forcibly applied, and the people's resistance grows, so the true face of our "representative democracy" will be revealed. The state apparatus will do what it deems necessary to fulfill the aims of the financial Mafia, the will of the people is not on their agenda. Be prepared.

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