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1,000 Deaths A Year At The Hands Of The Police!!!

       In the UK there are killings by the police, and rightfully, there is an outcry of anger when ever they occur, one, is one too many. However, the figures of police killings here in the UK, look almost saint like when compared to those in that land of the free, the Good ol' US of A. This giant that stomps about the world bombing people into democracy, sees more of its citizens killed by its law enforcement officers than any other country in the developed world. Here in the UK, from 1920 to 2014, 46 people have died at the hands of the police. Shocking and unacceptable. 
      However, in America the average appears to be 1,000 a year, killed by its law enforcements officers, I wonder how this compares with its hoopin' and howlrin' days of the Wild West? How can that be acceptable in a so called civilised country. Looking at the out break of violent protests over the most recent US police killing, and then considering these figures, I'm surprised that there is any peace on the streets of America, any day of the week. The US government ranks up the fear of terrorism, yet Since 9/11, foreign-inspired terrorism has claimed about two dozen lives in the United States. Compare that to 1,000 a year by the US police forces. Obviously the government is looking in the wrong places if it claims to be protecting the American people. There is something rotten at the heart of America.
This from Hartford Courant:
      It turns out that record keeping on this subject tends to be a bit makeshift but that 1,000 deaths-by-police is not a crazy number.
1,000. In a year. I can’t get my mind to ingest that number.
     In Great Britain, the usual number, per year, seems to be zero.  Give or take one?
     Germany reported 8 deaths by police service weapons in a two-year period.
      In Canada, well, I read a  bunch of reports like this one, but I never got a hard number. I think if you said a dozen a year, you wouldn’t get much argument.
     I’m in shock. We really have to look at this. To pretend that calling attention to it amounts to some kind of verbal war against police is ridiculous.
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