Monday, 11 May 2015

A Strange Success.

        To most people the human journey on this planet has been a success story, but on reflection, is it the success that most people believe?

Strange Success.

Strangest success story
since life's incubation,
built slowly
generation after generation,
driven by greed
by force, determination,
in vicious exploitation.
Putting the weak
to the sword
soon the strong
learn to hoard,
the thief
his bloody plunder stored
by the looted
now is adored.
Finally achieving
the pinnacle of the plan,
of the ape called man,
on co-operation
a total ban,
the era of competition
now began.
Concern, unity,
synergy, all gone
has the crazy ape
crossed the Rubicon,
his brightest hour
already shone,
crawling from the slime
blindly to oblivion?

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