Saturday, 23 May 2015

Whose Justice??

       Capitalist "justice" is a contradiction of the meaning of the word. As well as an excellent critique of this repressive capitalist system, this is a call for solidarity for all those enslaved in the cages of the state, and to those caught in the straight jacket of capitalist economic insanity. It is a call from those shackled in heart of the European Financial Mafia's latest experiment, the Greek economy, from those feeling the full force of capitals pulverising of our social structures, to enhance its overflowing coffers.
      We remain simply on this: Justice as an institution of capitalist democracy can never be objective. It serves the perpetuation and reproduction of the system of inequalities that define it “unmediated” in solving the production of these inequalities. A step further, its autonomy has nothing to do with cutting the umbilical cord from the centres of authority, Media and capital. On the contrary: through their unification, prosecutors and judges, besides not losing the money they get for the shameful job they do, work for the interests of the bosses before they even get orders. A recent example is the moaning for the increasing conservatization of the new correctional legislation (a legislation you would not call progressive, unless you compare everything with the fascists of New Democracy).
       We are not speaking in anyone’s name. The prisoners, those who mainly experience the tragic consequences of the system and justice in their lives but also all those excluded in the cities-prisons, should realize their position, organize and fight for liberation from relations from the walls that divide them today. But above all for complete liberation through the revolution itself and the destruction of State and capital.
      Let’s act in order to live our lives freely without States and borders, without prisons and psychiatric clinics, without businesses and the exploitation of nature and people.
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