Sunday, 10 May 2015

Outside Reality.

     Reality, whose reality? We exist outside their reality.
 Q: The People and poetry, have they not been absorbed by Power?
Response: Well, as with everything else, what I was saying of assimilation, anything, even that which comes from below, well they risk suffering this assimilation, the assimilation by Power.  The only breath of joy is that this assimilation is never complete, never perfect, such that against the pretensions which from Above proclaim having arrived at assimilation, that “ Reality is Everything”, against this, its lies are discovered and that something which does not exist, something of the people, of poetry, continues living. …
Can we create our reality as the accepted reality?
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  1. "It is a NO to all what we are actually imposed as YES. So, you can generalize: NO to the Power of any kind, to the imposition of the ideals in which the world is based, to the imposition of an education for the children of the future ... Whatever you want to think (the economy, finance), is based on a positive industry. So when you look good, looks (just take a look at the media) than positive it is "positive for the Future". That is, for first already know what will happen and no danger of anything happening unexpected. And, secondly, to encourage people with some optimism going into the future and meet the rules They correspond. All this is the reality: the YES."

    Agustín García Calvo