Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Taken For A Ride By The Bullingdon Boys.

     The 2015 Crooks and Liars competition, (general election) is over, and on the bridge of the good ship UK Exploitation, stands the new officer crew, all trained at the Oxbridge sausage factory, ready to steer her to new lands in the world of austerity. They have welcomed on board another member of the Bullingdon Club, one Boris Johnson, whose grandfather eighth removed, was King George II, and is a cousin, again eighth removed, of the captain, Bullingdon Boy, Cameron.
     What this effectively means is, that we the people of these islands have handed over control of our country to a bunch of self-centred, over privileged, pampered, aristocratic parasites, our affairs are going to be handled by a cabal from the Bullingdon Club.
Your Elected Government!!
        Why do we tolerate this? If there is anyone out there who believes that this bunch of self-seeking millionaires will address the problems of the ordinary people, they are naive in the extreme. These products of the Oxbridge sausage factory, have no idea what the problems of the ordinary people are. let alone the answers. Ordinary is not a word that they are familiar with, excess, privilege, pampered, greed, are the words we normally associate with this gang.
       You will be seen and used as peasants, serfs, lesser beings, to be used by them and their corporate millionaire buddies, to increase their already obscene wealth. Anything to alleviate the drudgery of our day to day struggle, will have to wrestled from their grasping hands, and it will be given grudgingly, to be stolen back at the first opportunity.
       Our fathers and mothers, and those before them, have, for generations, suffered at the hands of these people, we have struggled through five years of "austerity", with more promised, and with greater severity, meanwhile, they got richer and richer. Do you honestly think the latest band of robbers will be different?
 Looking after your interests!!
       We have had experience enough to know that the present system doesn't work for us the people, all around us is the evidence that it only works for a privileged few. We are descending further down the spiral of deprivation, all to an agreed plan, an ideology born of greed. We don't have to accept this greed and injustice, the system is not written in tablets of stone, handed down by some divine being. It is a man made system of economics, it can be destroyed by people like you and me, and a fairer more just system that sees to the needs of all our people, can be built in its place. All that is lacking is our will to take the task on.

       However, Stuart Wilks-Heeg, executive director of Democratic Audit, noted that "Boris is politically nimble",[303] while biographer Sonia Purnell stated that Johnson regularly changed his opinion on political issues, commenting on what she perceived to be "an ideological emptiness beneath the staunch Tory exterior."[308] She later referred to his "opportunistic - some might say pragmatic - approach to politics".[309] Former Mayor Ken Livingstone claimed that while he had once feared Johnson as "the most hardline right-wing ideologue since Thatcher", over the course of Johnson's mayoralty he had instead concluded that he was "a fairly lazy tosser who just wants to be there" while doing very little work
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