Sunday, 24 May 2015

My Window With A View.

     This capitalist world drowns us in brutal contradictions, pays for opulence with misery and poverty, buys pomp and power with deprivation and death.

My Window With A View.

From my TV window on the world
I see the crazy ape
build mountains of meat
while, an arms length from my heart
a host of children die of hunger.
We with guilty silence play our part
deaf to tears that drop like thunder.
The crazy ape
casts fish back into the sea
not a length of a sigh from swarms
grovelling in rubbish tips.
Can't we hold our brothers dear,
why no righteous anger from our lips?
Now the crazy ape
hoards fields of wheat
yet, the distance of a tear-drop
hands beg a simple crust of bread,
a ritual only death will stop;
must justice wait 'till all are dead?

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