Thursday, 28 May 2015

A Monarchy Democracy???

      The Queen's speech is one of those occasions when our Lords and Masters put on a display that shows the extent of the hypocrisy in the claim that we live in a democracy. There for all to see is the plundered wealth of the established power in this country. There for you to kneel before is YOUR monarch, sitting on a throne of gold, surrounded by pampered flunkies, The sham of representative democracy displayed to the world. 
        How can someone sitting on a gold throne, waited on hand and foot, mouth the words about "one nation"? The words that she came out with, "My government will bring forward legislation to reform trade unions and to protect essential public services against strikes," translates as, my government will make it impossible for public sector workers to defend themselves against the on coming savage cuts to their living standards. It also makes it almost impossible to "legally" have the right to withdraw your labour in the event of a dispute with your employer. Though if workers accept this form of serfdom should be up to them to decide, time will tell.
      How do you equate "one nation" with the pomp, arrogance and shear opulence of gold carriages, gold thrones, ladies in waiting and footmen, with food banks, fuel poverty, child poverty, unemployment, slave workfare and benefit sanctions? The lie is laid bare, it is their for all to see in one lavish spectacle, the inequality, the arrogant power, and they feel confident enough to say, " we don't give a shit" and flaunt it in your face. What's more, most people seem to swallow the whole spectacle as "tradition". It is a tradition that is there to let you know your place in this "one nation". 

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