Friday, 8 May 2015

Built On Racism, Die By Racism.

      That Zionist state of Israel, that claims to be the only democracy in the Middle East, is sooner or later going to implode/explode. While it carries out its policy of genocide against the Palestinian people, in its drive for a "Greater Israel", stacking up bitterness, resentment and hatred across the world, internally, the same nut-case religious fundamentalism is splintering its internal structure. Resentment grows between the ultra-orthodox Jews, who don't work, are paid by the state and are exempt from military service, and the others, who have to work to survive and see their sons and daughters being drafted into the military. Poverty is also a factor, with over 14% of all Jews in Israel living below the poverty line, while billions are spent on policing and military. Another divisive factor in their society is the fact that, some Jews are more equal than other Jews. The Ethiopian Jews, living in Israel come in for some very rough treatment from their "bothers", simply because they don't fit the picture of how they think a Jew should look. The Ethiopian Jews who arrived in Israel in the 1980's make up approximately 2% of the Israeli population, but 40% of the prison population, and where as 14% of the Israeli population lives in poverty, in the Ethiopian section of the community that figure jumps to more than 35%. They are insulted, ridiculed and harassed, simple because of their colour. It seems being a Jew is not enough, you have to look like what they think a Jew should look like.
      Recently the Ethiopian Jews have erupted onto the streets with running battles with the police, this was sparked by an unprovoked attack on a Jewish soldier, who didn't fit their picture, he just happen to be Ethiopian. A state built on racism, will die by racism.

From Dialectical Delinquents:
Israel, Tel Aviv: conflicts between Ethiopian Jews and cops continue “…protesters threw rocks and glass bottles at police, who responded with stun grenades and fired water cannons at protesters. As of midnight Sunday, almost 50 people were injured. According to Israel Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, 23 of them were police officers.” More here Israeli mounted police charged hundreds of Ethiopian-Israeli citizens and fired stun grenades on Sunday to try to clear one of the most violent protests in memory in the heart of Tel Aviv. The protesters, Israeli Jews of Ethiopian origin, were demonstrating against what they say is police racism and brutality after the emergence last week of a video clip that showed policemen shoving and punching a black soldier. Demonstrators overturned a police car and threw bottles and stones at officers in riot gear at Rabin Square in the heart of Israel’s commercial capital. … tear gas was also used, something the police declined to confirm. “I’ve had enough of this behavior by the police, I just don’t trust them any more … when I see the police I spit on the ground,” one female demonstrator who was not identified told Channel 2 before police on horseback had charged. Earlier, demonstrators brought evening rush hour traffic to a standstill for over an hour by blocking one of the city’s main highways. …Tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews were airlifted to Israel in dramatic, top-secret operations in the 1980s and 1990s after a rabbinical ruling that they were direct descendants of the biblical Jewish Dan tribe. The community, which now numbers around 135,500 out of Israel’s population of over 8 million, has long complained of discrimination, racism and poverty. Tensions rose after an incident a week ago in a Tel Aviv suburb where a closed circuit video camera captured a scuffle between a policeman and a uniformed soldier of Ethiopian descent.”…Netanyahu says “…there is no place for this type of violence” – we know the type he colonises several places for.
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