Friday, 1 May 2015

Glasgow, May 1st. May Day

         May 1st. May Day in Glasgow this year, was as usual, a friendly and good humoured affair, with a bonus this year, the weather wasn't bad at all. It is always good to meet up with friends, comrades and acquaintances that we have all been too busy to meet up with on a regular basis. The usual groups were there, IWW, Glasgow A. Fed, Glasgow Anarchist Collective, Solfed, Faslane Peace Camp, and others, with a good scattering of black  and red and black flags waving it the chill breeze. Lots of literature was handed out and sold, and lots of chats with the passing public. All these activities were well received by that public looking for a change to this brutal system that hits them with nothing but austerity and promises of more austerity, while the rich get richer.  
       Sunday, May 3rd. will see the Glasgow "official" May Day march and rally, gather at George Square 11.00am, setting off at 11:30am, marching through the city to the O2 centre on the Southside of the city. Hope to see you all there for another show of working class pride.
Some photos from Glasgow's Friday May 1st. May Day:

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