Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Ever More Piercing Eyes Of Big Brother.

    Anybody who thinks living under the heel of any state and its apparatus will not lead to an ever increasing invasion into their private life, is living an illusion. This march for ever more information of its citizens is essential for the state to keep control over those citizens. Big Brother is a son of the state, and it will continually feed that son. We here in the UK have seen an epidemic of CCTV, that has spread like some destructive virus, not by accident.
        As the technology behind CCTV rapidly develops, it becomes ever more intrusive, ever more clever at gathering details, from face recognition to demeanour analysis. This is all gathered, sifted, analysed and stored. Your every movement, that walk to the bookies, that crazy night out, who you meet and where. All details that can and will be, used to control.
      Police Scotland now confirms that it uses controversial face recognition software. So just remember when you next attend a peaceful and legitimate protest, march or whatever, your face is being scanned, compared and stored for future use. Under the prying eye of the state and its intrusive apparatus, "you are never alone". No need to take a selfie, just get access to the police database and you'll find thousands of images of your face from which to choose.
This from the Herald:

    Ms McInnes said the figures were "staggering" and showed Police Scotland was using "intrusive software" extensively. She added: "The photos of over 300,000 Scots are among 18 million included in the national database.
     "The combination of this database with the new facial recognition software has triggered concerns about the protection of our civil liberties. "It could be used to identify protestors at political events or football fans, stifling freedom of speech.
      "I also have real concerns that the privacy of innocent people could be compromised and they could be exposed to the risk of false identification."
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