Sunday, 24 May 2015

Unbroken Anarchism--A Crime!!!

       The varieties the of ways the state will conjure up to keep incarcerated those it feels are a threat to its power and control, knows no limit. A comrade is continuing to be held in a Swiss prison because, "his anarchism is unbroken". It appears that psychiatrists will only consider him for parole, if he distances himself from his ideology. A bit like the church during the Spanish inquisition. The brutality might not be as physical, but just as vindictive.
This from Contra Info:

      For some time the penal system is being aggressively colonized by psychiatry and psychology in Zurich as in prisons elsewhere. The report of the forensic psychiatric department from 31.3.2015 provides a “risk-oriented sanctions enforcement” assessment, a new evaluating development, since the report explicitly uses psychiatric argumentation only and for the first time formulates specific “recommendations”. Urbaniok’s psychiatry distributes contact prohibitions – defines political distancing or rather political renunciation as a requirement for conditional release. The big word is and remains the “crime-promoting ideology”!
We cite from the report’s controversial points:
• The legal prognosis is supposedly bad, since “he continuously strongly and actively delves in his ideology and is in contact with relevant comrades” which “can be seen in his statements as well as in his networking with the scene”.
• “It has been observed that MC’s attitude is solidified and imprisonment has not initiated a process of change.”
• “It may very well be required from a person like MC that he reflects on his statements – knowing of his influence and possible consequences – and that he is able to recognize statements of a more or less inciting content. To reduce the risk MC would have to distance himself from his conviction for which currently no evidence can be found” since he “is not willing to do any work concerning his crimes”.
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