Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Escape Machine.

       I got a bit pissed off with all the double speak coming out of that cesspool, the Westminster House of Hypocrisy and Corruption, and the thought of the oncoming assault on our people. So today I thought I would take a wee break and go for a spin on my carbon-fibre dream machine, see the photo below. It was wonderful, came back renewed, and ready to start my ranting once more. No prizes for guessing where the photo was taken, but I wonder when they will privatise it, there's lots of money to made there!!!.  

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  1. Console yourself thinking that the winning party was the party of abstention, that is, of those who do not get carried away by this kind of deceitful campaigns. This group of people accounted for 33.9% compared to 24% of Cameron, almost 10 points above. An outrage.

    Nice bike, I have another similar, also red.

    Greetings, comrade.

    1. In the last election 2010, the Tories got 36.1% of the vote and failed to get a majority, this election they polled 36.8% and got an overall majority. In the language of the insane, that's a democracy.
      Thanks for the comment on the bike, it's a dream to ride.