Monday, 4 May 2015

Capitalism's Deadliest Enemy.

      In spite of the babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, spewing out crap that gives the picture that capitalism is doing fine with a few minor hiccups in the financial section, that will be resolved by balancing the books, reality speaks a different language. Capitalism is brutally assaulting millions of ordinary people, as it tries to further the wealth and power of the few. Those millions are more and more fighting back, and the capitalist states don't like it. The various states across the capitalist world have increased their repression against anarchists individuals and groups, as they see anarchism as the biggest threat to their system of exploitation.
        For a number of years now Greece has been brutally attempting to crush anarchist autonomous centres, squats and groups. It even started to arrest and imprison relatives of anarchists, simply because they were relatives. However this was stopped by the courageous and prolonged hunger strike of anarchists held in the Greek prison system.
      Of course Greece is not alone in this attempt to crush anarchists and their ideas of freedom and justice for all, here are just some of the other states that are doing their damnedest to extinguish the anarchist spirit of freedom, which is really a human desire for freedom. 
      Following massive raid on anarchists on Tuesday night, three people were charged with terrorism and taken into custody. Whole operation police called “Phoenix” started in early morning with house search in dozens of private flats and social center “Ateneo” in the town of Most. Around 20 people were arrested, part of them only questioned and immediately released.
       Three people were charged of attempted terrorism (12-20 years of prison), some others are officially investigated of the same crime but were released. Even others were charged of not reporting this serious crime. Three people were taken into custody. As some servers were confiscated most of Czech anarchists websites are down.
From Roblosricos:
     the thing to keep in mind with this development is that these demos are illegal, taking pictures of the police is illegal, reporting on police activity is illegal – unless you only regurgitate officially-sanctioned press releases. it’s really difficult for us to know what is happening in spain right now. see previous post –

spain leaps back to dark ages, inquisition, reconquista – any form of public dissent now illegal

     So far over 400 cops, since 5 a.m., have arrested ten people in the city of Barcelona and the historic 25 yr occupied anarchist centre–La Casa de la Muntanya (The house on the mountain) the Anarchist workers centre of St Andreu barrio that of Anarchist Ateneo of Poble Sec neighbourhood – as well as a dozen homes.
From Dark Nights:

     Presenting a series of open letters on the recent raids and jailings of anarchists in the dark heart of Europe, plus a provocative text about refusal of the judicial system by   Edizioni Cerbero
      These are just a few examples of state repression against anarchists, but if you look, you'll find this going on from South America to Asia, from Canada to Australia. Where ever the savage beast of capitalism raises it head, it will see anarchists and anarchism as its deadliest enemy, ask yourself WHY? Just  remember, ----first they came for the anarchists, I wasn't an anarchist so I-----
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