Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Martyrs Stone.

     Not exactly my kind of cycling weather, 10/11 degrees and a strong westerly wind, but I had to escape.
The Martyrs Stone, on the Kirkintilloch-Kilsyth road.
      The original stone is on the ground. Another one by sympathisers, put up in 1886, stands beside it. The iron cage could do with a bit of repair work. Unless walking or cycling it's hard to view as the road has no parking provision and is very busy.
Situated beside the Kirkintilloch to Kilsyth Road, about a mile from the Kirkintilloch boundary, the monument is dedicated to two executed Covenanters, John Wharry and James Smith, who were put to death for their faith.
I believe their corpses lie in the field behind the stone.

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