Monday, 25 May 2015

One World, One People.

       As Bullingdon boy Cameron, beefs up his anti-immigrant  rhetoric, to satisfy the racist element in his Oxbridge cabal, it's good to see that the people on the street tell him where to shove his xenophobic ideology.
This from Rabble:
      This video going round the internet shows a day earlier this month when 2 vans of Home Office immigration thugs arrived at Peckham market, South East London. They started going into shops and asking people for names and immigration details. An angry crowd gathered shouting at them and they were forced to retreat, get back into their vans and fuck off.
We haven’t seen a full write up of this event as yet. But we know that these raids happen frequently in Peckham and in other black and migrant areas. And this is not the first time that they have been resisted and chased off.
We repost below an article from Antiraids network which gives a bit more background on what is happening with immigration raids in London recently, as the government announces an escalation in its attacks on migrants.

People in Peckham sent Immigration officers packing. First time in History. Power to the people. "Bad market" for David Cameron ' s squads.But watchout for their 2nd coming, it will be brutal. Question: in your own opinion, which you are entitled to, was it right to obstruct the immigration officers from carrying on their duty?.
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