Thursday, 14 May 2015

UK Democracy, Power To The Few, Misery To The Many.

       Our totally unrepresentative government, it rules over us with only 36.8% of the vote, has some nasty pieces of legislation it aims to push down our throats, like it or not. On Privacy, Teresa May wants more powers for the government to snoop on us. The snoopers charter is being dusted up for re-issue. The right to strike is high on their agenda, to appease their financial masters and corporate buddies, they want that right to be considerably curtailed. However, the legislation they are introducing would make their own election illegal, as they didn't have sufficient mandate to carry out their legislation!! The right to independent thought and speech. Fuehrer Cameron has stated, “For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society,---” so they plan to target people who believe in certain values and they will make it impossible for “extremists” to succeed. I wonder whose definition of “extremist” they will use? There will be a renewed attack on the young and poor, as it plans a £12 billion cut in welfare, one of the proposals is to scrap job seekers allowance for 18-21 year olds, replacing it with a six month allowance. There is also a proposal to scrap the right of those under 21 to claim housing benefit. To show their human credentials, Teresa may has suggested that those who risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean, should be sent back. As always, true to form, the last thing they want you to know is what they get up to behind closed doors. So the Freedom of Information Act, will be amended to make it easier for the government to block information from being made public. Open and transparent government?? Of course one of the things that has long riled them, and their corporate robber buddies, is the protection the ordinary citizen gets from the Human Rights Act, so that is to be scrapped. And just to show their compassion, a gift to be given to their “huntin' an' shootin' fraternity, is that the will scrap the fox hunting ban, allowing their millionaire friends to tally-ho across the countryside with their dogs, ripping foxes to pieces. This is the power you get with 36.8% of the vote, there is something rotten at the heart of Britain. 
      Of course it doesn't have to be like this, we have the power, the ability and the imagination, to transform our society in to a just and fair federation of communities, based on mutual aid, co-operation, and the needs of all our people.
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