Thursday, 21 May 2015

Civilised People Don't Cage Animals Or Humans.

       The UK has one of the highest prison populations percentage of population in Europe, being beaten by Poland. The UK prison population stands at approximately 86,000, this is an increase of roughly 800, on last year. The largest growing age group being imprisoned are the over 60s, showing an increase of 130% between 2002 and 2013. The UK state imprisons 148 of its citizens per 100,000 of the population. All this while we are being told that crime is falling. Prisons have nothing to do with rehabilitation, they are simply a method of control by the establishment.
      Not content with holding the dubious record of imprisoning more of it citizens than practically every other country in Europe, the UK state is building a mega-prison in Wrexham, North Wales. This monstrosity of inhumanity, will have the capacity to cage 2,100 of our citizens. It will be the second largest prison in Europe and will cover an area large enough to fit the Millennium Stadium in its grounds seven times over and still leave space. It will cost an estimated £250 million of our tax money to build, which will go to the shareholders of Lend Lease, the company doing the build.
      Why should we be concerned? Simply because we know, like all prisons, it will imprison, the poor, working class, troubled people with mental health difficulties, learning difficulties, individuals suffering substance abuse, plus a disproportion of people of colour and immigrants. We know that these festering, depressing halls of cages, produce self-harming, brutality, mental trauma and suicides. Also, apart from being an inhumane and brutal caging of human beings, its workshops will replace local jobs based on slave labour, and paying well below the minimum wage. As far as I am aware, the decision as to whether it should be run by the public or the private sector has still to be decided. Another wonderful corporate idea, making a fortune from the incarceration of poor and vulnerable people.
      However, there has been considerable resistance to this monstrous edifice of the capitalist exploitative system.

This from Contra Info:
Sunday 17th May, 2015.
     Last night an action took place at the site of Europe’s second largest prison in construction on Wrexham Industrial Estate in North Wales. The mega-prison, if built, will cage more than 2100 human beings at any one time.
     Multiple large diggers and construction equipment had their engines destroyed. Slogans were sprayed on the half-built prison fences including ‘Fuck Lend Lease’ and ‘Fire to the Prisons’.
     This is a warning to any company large or small that that is involved in the North Wales Prison Project, or any other prison building scheme that the state initiates. You are a target and you will feel the venom of the working classes fighting back.
     This action is dedicated to every slit wrist, suicide attempt, destroyed family and oppressed community harmed by the prison system.
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