Thursday, 7 May 2015

Free The Rebel In You.

      After the Crooks and Liars competition is over, and the insanity is once more slightly hidden, we should not sink into the apathy that keeps this stinking system going. We should pump up the rebel in us all, it is our only hope of saving ourselves from the shackles and poverty of capitalism. forget conformity, forget the rules of this cruel game, forget respect for uniforms, flags and badges, open up ridicule for religion, encourage anger at the pomp and arrogance of monarchy, spit venom at inequality, let your disapproval be loud, spread dissent. 

The Rebel

Rebel rebel break the rule,
What does it matter that a “wise” man sees a fool.
Not for you the herd’s dull beat
Making tomorrow, yesterday’s repeat,
Living out the life of a clone
Marching with the crowd but always alone.
Shaping your life from some dusty tome
Playing it safe, staying at home.
Rebel rebel break the rule
Swim in the sea, never the pool.
Live your emotions, feel the surge
Follow your dreams, chase the urge.
Make life though short, an exciting game
Not a mad march for fortune or fame.
Capture the moment, live it now
Being alive your only vow.
Rebel rebel break the rule
In the end, you’re humanity’s jewel.
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  1. Rebel rebel break the rule
    In the end, you’re humanity’s jewel !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Those who obey, it's because they have not understood.
    Those who understood, no longer obey.

    Our main problem is not the salary or the mortgage, or pensions, or any other thing... Our main problem is the damn fucking obedience!