Sunday, 1 May 2016

An Eye For An Eye!!!!

         Not a lot in that babbling brook of bullshit, our mainstream media, about what is happening in France. The protests continue, the police's violent repression continues, and the bullshit bunch look for some royal happening or anti-Semitism in the Labour party, to spew across your TV screens or to fill their sheets of toilet paper. However what is happening in France is real anger on the streets, by real people, and the violence against them is real and brutal, spearheaded by a so called socialist President. Despite the state repression, Nuit Debout is still alive and thriving. Can it grow, can it spread?
 Rennes, France: A demonstrator loses an eye
         On Thursday [April 28th] a student of our university lost an eye, simply for having demonstrated. Whilst retreating with all the demonstrators following a CRS charge [riot cops], he was taken freely as a target and hit in the face by a flashball shot. Given that this government has nothing but police violence to bring to the youth as a response, will it take a death for it to cease?
        It could of been any one of us. So no, we won’t forget, we won’t forgive, and most of all we won’t give in.
Neither fear nor violence will stop us and Sunday we’ll return to the streets.
We’re all thinking of you Jean-François! Strength.
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  1. It seems that they not only want to silence us, but also leave us blind. Here in Spain a woman, Esther Quintana, lost his eye by a rubber ball fired by riot police, and many protesters have suffered serious injury because of these balls.