Sunday, 8 May 2016

We Live In A Financial Asylum.

        And so the sorry, sad, Greek tragedy continues. Come July the Greek government has to pay €3.5 billion in debt repayment, but it needs a bailout of more debt to make that payment. Yes, that’s the crazy system we live under, I owe you ten quid, I can’t pay you until you give me ten quid, with which to pay you. Although the people of Greece have been driven to dire poverty and deprivation, the financial Mafia want another round of budget cuts to the tune of €3 billion. What more can they cut, unemployment in Greece is running at approximately 25%, with youth unemployment running at around 51%, an education system in a state of collapse, and a health system in total chaos. Of course there is still lots of Greek assets that could be sold of to the corporate greed machine at give away prices, to help recapitalise the banksters of the Western world. 
         Well, will Greece get more debt with which to make a payment to its debt? The negotiations are not going too well, they are deep into the waffle stage, the Troika is now squabbling among themselves, with the IMF (International Mankind Fuckers) stating that the Greek debt must be “restructured”, they are getting a bit cautious about throwing their money into the Greek debt hole, on the other hand the EC (European Commission) and the ECB (European Central Bank) will not hear of that, as it would mean that as they hold the vast majority of that Greek debt they would lose lots of filthy lucre. If the restructuring doesn’t take place, the IMF has threatened to walk away, which means the bailout disappears. 
      How long will this crazy insane game of monopoly continue, how long must the people of Greece be held hostage in the crazy financial house of cards that is the capitalist financial system? Sadly, as long as we all accept the capitalist system, The system is controlled by a faceless, unelected, uncontrollable, financial Mafia, and it is not interest in the answers to the problems the people face, it is only interested in protecting and growing its wealth. So stick with capitalism, live in the asylum.
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