Sunday, 15 May 2016

Glasgow Primary School Janitors' Strike.

         More than 100 primary school janitors in the Glasgow area planning to begin another three-day strike over a pay dispute. Members of the Unison union they want extra pay for certain tasks which they claim are "dirty, unpleasant, involve regularly working outside or heavy lifting". They have been boycotting some of these tasks since January and staged a walkout in March. They and UNISON are calling a rally for 5:30 pm at the Dewar's statue on Thursday, May 19. All those in struggle against this exploitative system deserve our solidarity, I would go further and say their position demands our solidarity. It is only by the strength of that solidarity that we can win these battles.

Thursday, 19th. May, 5:30pm.
Donald Dewar Statue.
Buchanan Street Glasgow.
Rally in support of Glasgow Primary school janitors.
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