Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Everything Is Fine, Just Watch Your TV.

He's only doing his job, which just happens to be kicking the shit out of people.!!!!

           France’s “socialist” government is trying hard to follow the dictate of the financial Mafia, to “reform” labour relations, which translates into slashing working conditions to suit the corporate cabal, that own EU governments. Such “reforms” as longer working hours, pay cuts, no overtime payments, are among the “reforms” to help “the economy”. That phrase, “helping the economy”, is supposed to make you fall in line, as if this was for your benefit. However what it really means is slashing workers conditions so that the corporate greed machine can scoop up ever better profits.
       Despite the fact that the people of France are not taking it lying down, are taking to the streets in their thousands, and have been for weeks, in the process being brutally assaulted by riot police, tear gas, water cannon and truncheon, our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, doesn’t seem to notice, its all about football, vitriolic bile about Brexit, BAFTAs and the Queen’s speech. We can’t be giving the plebs over here any idea that things aren’t going well with the system. Everything is just fine, keep looking at your TV, chatting on your mobile, and gaming on your laptop, that way you might not notice that you are being shafted. What is happening in France, is being repeated in Greece, Spain, Italy and here in the UK, as well as other countries across the planet, it is just a matter of different stages, different paces, but the end game is the same, the destruction of social welfare and poorer working conditions for all the ordinary people, in doing so, increasing profitability of the big corporations. When will we ever learn???
      Riot police in Paris used water cannons and tear gas to disperse protesters who had hurled rocks and other objects at officers. Truckers blocked roadways and railroad workers joined the strikes.
       Here's the big issue — French leaders say they have to make their country's economy more flexible, competitive and productive. To do that, they say they need to end some long-standing worker protections. Legislation that's moving forward would make it easier for employers to hire and fire workers. Truck drivers would also see their overtime pay cut. 
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  1. "As every evening, Rafael climbed to the top of the hill. He had finished his work and had even done (anyway, actually) the duties of school. As every evening, he stared dumbfounded the walled city, its tall towers shining magical bathed by the light of the setting sun.

    His father walked slowly and stopped a few steps behind the child; He would not immediately disrupt your child that intimate moment, that magical ritual. In the end, to break the silence more than anything, he asked:

    - Rafa, son, you're done homework? Does the garden, animals?

    - Yes father.

    The next question was unclear what the response may be:

    - And the duties of school? Think that you only go to school one day a week, so it's not so much homework a day.

    - Yes, Father, and I did them.

    Inigo was formed with the response of his son. It was a very good and very responsible boy.

    They were silent the two, looking at the city that represent all the power and wealth of the world.

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    Rafa said nothing; He listened to his father, but turned his face, always looking at the prodigious city.

    - That programming is a very complicated thing one day and I'll explain. Well, maybe not. Overall, this makes no sense. Maybe I never made sense, after all, not even there ... - and then grew thoughtful - I never understood why we cast: I always worked well, never did something wrong, I never protested ...

    - They're running out of energy - Rafa said finally.

    Inigo's eyes widened. What was the kid saying?

    - They're running out of power - finally said, turning his face to his father, sensing his puzzlement.

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    Antonio Turiel