Thursday, 12 May 2016

Exarcheia Calling

         What is happening in Greece should be of interest to all of us, who wish to bring about justice, freedom, co-operation and sustainability, in other words, who wish to bring about the end of capitalism. Greece is at the forefront of the " refugee crisis" but is also at the forefront of the financial Mafia's attempt to recapitalise it institutions at the expense of the people. How the people react to this criminal act of looting, is something we can learn from.
Exarcheia Calling
            This statement is based on our personal and shared collective experience of the current situation of anarchist struggle in Greece, Athens and Exarkhia. We did not neither had the time to consult and agree with the older Greek crowd of anarchists and radicals, and is only our sentiment as mostly international people with little experience and limited knowledge of the dynamics within the militant crowds.
           We are an ad hoc collective of international squatters in Exarkhia who just opened a new occupation in a lofty house at 119 Zoodorou Pigis, three weeks ago, pitted together by the necessity of developing a place where to live and organize, with the desire to spread anarchy against a ruthless State at the very entrance of Fortress Europe, and its armies of civil and uniformed minions. This squat 'til now has been an awesome adventure filled with creative energies and has helped several anarcho street travellers as well as refugees to have a stay, be a stake up against society and in the process build ties with new people, something that had become nearly impossible these days in Athens due to not just State repression but also the internal politics of the well-known squats and the demotivation/demobilization of many anarchists in Exarkhia.
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