Sunday, 22 May 2016

It's A Hilly Country.

         Like I said, I'm a fair weather cyclist now, with all my bits and pieces needing an overhaul, I only come out when the sun shines. The last week was a bit wet and windy, so it was a little over a week since I had been out on the dream machine, but today was beautiful, so off I went. This time it was up round Killearn and Fintry and had the obligatory plate of soup in the "Town and Country Coffee Shop" they don't seem to have cafés in Killearn. While there a young team arrived, they had cycled from the south-side of Glasgow, over the Crow Road, for the uninitiated, that's the road that takes you over the Campsie Hills,  real name, Campsie Fells, not an easy climb. Their way home would see them climb out of the Blane Valley, I'll repeat, not an easy climb.
         Around that area there are quite a few climbs that test you. The other side of Fintry there is the Tak Ma Doon which climbs from Carron Water, and drops you down in Kilsyth, it used to be used for the Scottish hill climbing championships. Then the B road know to cyclists as, The Tap o' Th' World. This beast start at Arn Prior and winds and twists its way up for about three miles, at the top you have the option of turning left, and continuing your climb up through Kippin and Thornhill, or turn right, and get a magnificent three mile descent  down into Fintry. Of course let's not forget The Whistlefield, you meet this fellow when you are cycling from Drymen back through to the West of Glasgow. The first time I climbed this one, many years ago, on reaching the top of the climb, I swear I saw St. Peter, standing at the side of the road ready to welcome those who fell by the wayside.  
      So, today, two photos for the price of one, both taken outside the said coffee shop in Killearn.

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