Friday, 13 May 2016

It Was No Dream.

         Up early this morning, sitting at the computer, looking out the window, yes, this is Scottish weather. It is all very grey, the grass is wet and I'm thinking of a heavy woollen top, though, the eternal optimist, it will clear up again soon, and the sun will return. Or, were all those wonderful bike runs of the last ten days, in glorious sunshine at 18/20 degrees, all a dream? Was it all wishful thinking and the product of an over active imagination? A glance at my arms, traces of sunburn, then there are the photos, so, yes it really did happen. Yesterday's magnificent sun, a total contrast from today, saw me around the Campsie Hills area, AGAIN, the countryside looked gorgeous, the array of colours, the changing contours, the glowing sun, a paradise. Of course nothing is perfect, the wind was 20mph exacerbated by occasional sudden gusts, so I had to work very hard on stretches of the road, but so what, I was out on the bike in a half-sleeve top, in glorious sunshine, ain't life wonderful.
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1 comment:

  1. That Red Bicycle has become a symbol of resistance and an hymn to life.
    Long live the red bicycle!