Saturday, 21 May 2016

Nothing Is Forever!!

        Some thoughtful words from Not Buying Anything. Which one are you betting on, who'll take the bet, who will pay out?
           What will be our final dance, what will burst our illusion of invincibility? 

        It is a race now. A race to see what does us in first. To see what brings us chaos and completion.
Will it be climate change that forces our hand? Or will inequality blow us apart first? Or will Monsanto kill us before that? Or war?
Living simply, generously and compassionately could help, but it is not a very popular solution.
I wonder - will I have the luxury of passing away peacefully in my sleep due to old age some day, or will some other human-caused gong show cause my early demise?
      Who knew the end times would be so exciting? I am sure there are people right now betting on the eventual outcome of this experiment we call life on planet earth. They might think they can enjoy their profits before the whole thing finishes off with a mighty fizzle.
It is a race. A race to the end. It will not be televised. Many won't even know it is coming, even though for many others it will not be a surprise.

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