Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Great Ride, Pity About The Roads.

         Let's hope that this most unusual Scottish weather continues. Another lovely run out on the dream machine, again the wind was not playing ball with us cyclists, approximately 20mph, not a nice companion when pushing up a hill. Another shocker, tearoom at Campsie shut again. So I just sat in the sun for a few minutes contemplating the dire effects of not having the obligatory plate of lentil soup. Obviously none, as I just got back on the bike and cycled home. 
        However, I think it is time that we cyclist and you motorist got together and took the various councils to task on the state of our roads. Surely the councils have a duty to keep the roads "fit for purpose". I know that motorists don't always feel the bumps in the roads the way a cyclist does, but the damage to the suspension system and wheels of cars must be an ever increasing cost. To the cyclist it is a bit more than an uncomfortable ride, and a bit more than damage to wheels etc, it is a matter of life and death. While cycling on our roads it is hard to believe that we live in the 5th. richest country in the world. The cyclist has to manoeuvre and zig-zag through an array of potholes, cracked tarmac, rough troughs, sunken drain covers, tarmac patches that are raised abruptly above the level of the road, and general crap rough surfaces, all the while being very much aware of fast flowing traffic that flies past you with very little space between you and the vehicle. All this while councils and government bodies are spouting that more people should take to cycling.
        I consider it criminal neglect on behalf of the councils to allow our road system to fall into such a state of disrepair. In doing so they are risking the lives of cyclists and other road users. Somehow, we must be able to hold them to account. Any ideas? 
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  1. Hello ann arky

    When I ride bike I always carry a can of paint spray. When I encounter a pothole I pointed out in many different ways. Sometimes I draw the silhouette of a victim (such as the police does). Sometimes I draw a Ballot Box to which I add a legend: Who the hell voted for this mayor? or I write: Emergency ambulance - phone xxxxxxxx, with a large spot of red paint aside. Sometimes I draw an angry face with a legend that (like the song) says: Where have all my taxes gone?... Always according to my mood and inspiration. However, I have to admit that here the roads are not in such bad condition as those seen in your photos. In any case, a single bump is enough to have a serious accident, so we have to denounce it somehow, here are many children and elderly who bike.

    Have a good day, mi friend!

  2. A great idea, some already people do that here, as one photograph shows. It would need to be a dedicated exercise as you would be stopping rather often and not get much of a run on the bike. Certainly worth doing.Thanks for the response.